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Sabtu, 31 Maret 2012


Panjalu is a organizasion is one of agriculture faculty.The organizasi this a first college for me. Anderstanding the Panjalu is “Pancaran Jiwa Luhur”.This is has four field of music, theater ,dance and art. This into the organisazion, i Find to my friends of Senior to Junior. Many my Friends this panjalu a brother and sister for me.This a pleasure in my life and unforgettable.

The first sign in this organizasion,i feel the challenge. This  early stages of such training in the later stages of the senior scold it all into an experience that I do not forget for me. Then the junior make held to event with the name is “PESENAN”.

The date PESENAN is March 23 and 25 to a play show. This pesenan has a expected even though the many problem . At the show,i show the dance modern with fendik and yovi to march 23. March 25 i show performend with fendik and bantal...and everything went succesfully   

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