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Sabtu, 07 April 2012



Ra kartini  was born in 1879 in the Rembang City. At the age of 7 years,s he attended the School Class Two in Netherland. Learning in school, she also often get Java language lessons, cooking, sewing, taking care of household and religious instruction in his home. Age 12 years, after graduating elementary school, a period of seclusion Kartini. His life changed, she is lonely and can not continue their education. After graduating from elementary school he was not to continue their education to higher levels by the parents . His family is holding a long tradision.His life is like a bird in a gilded. Kartini could just pour the ideals of the struggle in the form of a letter. School was founded in 1903 in Semarang First Kartini. And at the age of 25 years, RA Kartini finally is dead.
In my opinion Kartini Ra is a very strong woman and can be defender of his life he found woman.Inter obstacles in his life in fighting for woman.i very impressed with Kartini Ra with the words "Life is beautiful and would be happy if in the dark we see the light "spoken of RA Kartini in his lifetime.

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