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Sabtu, 28 April 2012


Earth Day is the day that all understand that we must keep our earth with baik.Dengan the day the earth to remind everyone to slalu not destroy the earth in the earth ini.Hari usually falls on April 22, both national and international celebration. Usually at this date, all the people celebrate Earth Day with a variety of ways. There is a smoke-free in the day to do it, then there is a ban that makes use of motor vehicle pollution, and some are doing a demonstration to commemorate the day the earth, and many they were the same kind lainnya.Tujuan slalu is to keep the Earth from destruction by man of his own.
Sometimes a lot of people still do not understand the meaning of the day the earth itself and many people still do not know when, the day the earth exists. The cause of things like that usually people are indeed still do not have awareness of the importance of our earth, and sometimes people forget that due to the lack of understanding or indifferent in the sense of the national and international Earth Day.
Expected to be held or ditetapkankan day the earth then the earth that we keep it just a hundred years remain intact and not damaged and even destroyed by time and the behavior of man himself .. AMINNNNNNNN ............

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